Photo lantern StarLight

Soft non-flickering glow
Integrated tripod thread
USB charging

Examples of work with StarLight lanterns


Light source: one photo lamp.

Light temperature 3000 Kelvin.

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Small and lightweight

The smallest professional

flashlight for photo shooting

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Light is the main thing

The soft, even light of the flicker-free CREE XHP50.2 LED high power (1700 lumens) and wide light spectrum (CRI: 90) opens up more possibilities for the realization of your creative ideas.


Easy mounting on a tripod

Built-in 1/4 "thread allows

secure the lantern

without additional accessories.

Simple controls

Adjust the brightness you need

one touch and flashlight

will remember it automatically.

OLEG2467_3000К (1).png

Technical characteristics

  • LED: CREE XHP50.2

  • Power: 18W

  • Luminous flux: up to 1700 lumens

  • Color temperature: selectable

  • Color rendering index CRI: more than 90

  • Lantern weight: 210g

  • Battery weight: 90g

  • Length 145mm

  • Wide part diameter 42mm

  • Time of continuous operation from a fully charged battery: from 1 hour or more, depending on the selected power.

  • Protection class: IP40


  • Smooth brightness control

  • Adjustable beam width

  • Built-in microUSB charging

  • Intuitive, simple one-button operation

  • Remembering brightness after shutdown

  • Quick start at maximum power

  • Temperature, charge, discharge control with indication

  • Ability to work while charging

  • Battery voltage indication in Volts

  • Compact body

  • Integrated 1/4 "tripod thread

  • Reverse polarity protection ( only for C2 PP version)

Образцы света с 5700_small.png
In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”
  • Photo lantern
  • Battery
  • Case
  • Charging cable
  • Instructions

Why StarLight?

... or "Starlight". The lantern, like the stars, is a point source of light, special, with it it is easier and more interesting to achieve the effect of warmth and comfort, emphasize the contour lines, the play of light and shade and much more.
Why this particular flashlight?
A lot of work was done to develop it: studying the opinions of photographers and their wishes, evaluating photographic works, consulting with specialists-developers of electronics in the field of lighting, finding an optimal housing, competent heat distribution, developing your own LED driver, working with programmers to write the logic of work ... All this together is aimed at your convenience in working with the flashlight.
The main features of the flashlight:
Small and powerful. Has a built-in tripod thread. There is no need to constantly disassemble the flashlight to replace the battery and take charge with you, as there is a built-in charger with a microUSB socket. You can charge from any device that has a USB port: easy charging, mobile Power Bank charger, computer, TV, USB port in the car and much more.

Control and indication:

To enable / disable, briefly press the button. To adjust the brightness, press and hold the button, the flashlight will smoothly change the power, you just have to release the button at the right time. The flashlight will remember this brightness automatically. You will find a complete list of modes in the instructions below.
Extended indication will allow you to see at a glance the state of the flashlight: overheating, remaining battery charge, charging mode.
Since the flashlight is powerful and compact, it can get quite hot at high power. But in the process of shooting, you can not worry. Electronics will do everything for you. She will track the temperature and give a signal with a red indicator. If overheating is critical, the flashlight will turn off on its own and will turn on only after cooling down.
Also, the electronics monitors the state of the battery and will not allow it to discharge below the critical voltage, thereby protecting its early failure. And many more solutions and innovations for a pleasant and easy use.

Flashlight instruction


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